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Gone are the days of long, text-filled website pages where potential customers are tasked with teaching themselves about the products and services a company offers. These days, many are in search of a short video that tells them the important parts:

  • Can you solve my problem?
  • What is the benefit of choosing your offered solution?
  • How do I get started?

In as little as 15 seconds, you can provide basic answers to these questions in an engaging way.


Our customers have found that embedding an introductory video on their home page is an easy way to increase engagement with their customers. Websites with video content keep people on them for longer than those with static content. And they aren’t just present — they are interested.

Videos can do more than just introduce products and services — they can introduce the people behind them, too. Customers like doing business with people they like. Video adds impact and impressions that a photo and text alone cannot.

Video on a website provides additional benefits, too.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Video content is prioritized by many major search engines, most notably Google. Any additional content that is specific to the products or services your company provides increases indexable content and increases the likelihood of your web pages being found in relevant searches.

Social Media

Video content shared through major social media platforms, such as Facebook, can help build out a well-rounded social media presence.

Customer Value

But the real value is in what video content provides the customers. Company or product introductions, facility tours, and even live video streams are all ways that you can provide information to your targeted audiences that showcase how your business stands above your competitors.

It’s Convenient

Video content is convenient for the customer and, thanks to today’s technologies, it’s simple to add to nearly any website. Video content networks, like YouTube, integrate within most website platforms and most major content management systems (CMS) make inclusion in a page a simple task.

We offer an array of video services to create the content you need to sell your products and services. Check our portfolio for examples, and get in touch today to discuss your project!