Video & Motion Graphics

Present Your Message in the Most Popular Form of Media

We deliver premier visual creation, video production, animation, and more, ideally suited for use on any platform – streaming services, social media, websites, and digital signage.

On-site video shoots
Our team will come to your place of business for action shots of your staff, products and services. Using tripods, handheld gimbals, and motorized sliders we can capture any footage you can think of.

Drone footage
Our insured and FAA Part 107 certified drone pilot will shoot lively aerial footage of your place of business, your community, and more. We also have airspace authorization for the Johnstown area, so we can get footage that most can’t.

We will edit your footage into the best possible presentation for the purpose, and can even create a variety of different presentations from the same footage. You can trust our video producers to structure videos in the most optimal way, leaving your videos concise and easy to watch.

We can provide professional voice-over services for any type of video. We’ll use one of our many voice actors in order to find the voice that is best suited for your messaging.

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