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Being a small business has many advantages that carry over to your customers, such as an increased dedication to customer service and a lean, efficient approach to projects, services and pricing. These advantages can not only increase your competitiveness in today’s market, but can also maximize the benefits your customers receive for their money. Everyone wins, but only if your customer is confident that your organization can deliver on the promised goods.

Gaining customer confidence is easy for big companies. It is assumed that they wouldn’t be big without a successful track record in their industry. Small companies, without the power of a long-established brand, need to work hard to convince new customers that they are a qualified vendor and are committed to fostering new long-term business relationships. By looking, acting and responding like a big company, small companies can attract new business and begin demonstrating the benefits of working with a smaller company.


The key to happy business relationships is delivering a high level of customer service, the foundation of which is solid communication. Nothing can compare to keeping customers in touch and up to date. Large companies have a deep staff that can address customers’ concerns from many different angles. Thanks to today’s technologies, small companies have the ability to provide customers with premium connectivity at an affordable price. Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems offer small business packages full of “big business” style features. Some of these features can be leveraged by the small business to do more with a small staff. Calls can be forwarded to a mobile phone or voicemail messages delivered via email, ensuring that your customers messages are reaching you, regardless of how your day’s schedule is. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a prompt response to an inquiry.


Professionally developed promotional materials maximize the impact of a company’s message, while delivering the highest return for the marketing dollars invested. But quality branding goes even further towards demonstrating a company’s commitment to details in all areas of business. A well-designed business card delivered during a meeting will make a good initial impression. Signage, advertisements and brochures function as your front door to the workaday public. A thoughtfully crafted website can be a small company’s best salesman.

In fact, if you are a small business you will be hard pressed to get as much bang for your marketing dollar as you will out of a well-built site. Previous work, pricing structures, delivery details, service offerings—whatever your strength in your market, your website is the tool to communicate your message to a receptive audience.


Small companies are great at recognizing the ways to be highly effective. Controlling the way your company is viewed by and communicates with potential customers can increase the impact you have in your market and will help you attract new, loyal customers.