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The goal of most professional organizations is to be the first name that comes to mind when a need for your product or service arises. To achieve this lofty goal you must work diligently to be constantly and consistently in your prospective customer’s ear. Most businesses understand the “constant” part of that equation, but what is often overlooked is the “consistent” factor.

When your company employs a consistent approach to all marketing and promotional efforts, each piece is strengthened by the others. Consider the customer that is the recipient of a mailer that is part of a direct mail campaign. This is an opportunity to introduce your company’s look and visual approach. If the goal of this campaign is to drive traffic to a specific area of your website, the pages of the site should immerse the visitor in your colors, voice, and presentation style. When, finally, the customer meets face-to-face with an associate from your company, that employee’s business card, using familiar colors and type treatments, identifies him as an extension of the company, adding immediate credibility.

A trusted company has a huge competitive advantage. One way to gain initial trust is for your company to be consistently identified by its brand. A professional brand is generally considered to be the mark of a company that is well-established and experienced. This also demonstrates a commitment to quality and professionalism. By employing a carefully planned corporate ID, even a start-up business can show its customers that it is serious, committed, and ready to get down to business.

A consistent business presence helps your company achieve instant recognition. In marketing, every second counts. If the medium is a billboard you may only have two-to-three seconds to communicate with a passing car. As someone is sorting email, you may only get one quick glance to identify yourself and announce the value of your message. Using a consistent visual approach you can optimize these precious seconds by providing immediate recognition as associated with your company’s style.

So take a look at the items you are currently using to market your company. Do your advertisements tell the same story as your website? When you look at your business card, does it make you recall your last billboard promotion? If not, then this needs to be a key requirement when planning your ongoing marketing strategy. Focusing on a consistent look and message can begin reaping rewards almost immediately.