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You may think short-form video is only for TikTok, but nearly every social media platform has a way to upload and view this content style. YouTube has Shorts, Facebook and Instagram have Reels, and Snapchat has its ever-popular Stories. Each of these platforms has pros and cons, but the point is that short-form videos are only gaining in popularity, and utilizing them on all platforms is easier than ever.

Short-form videos are great at holding the viewer’s attention. Their compact format makes them more likely to be watched in their entirety, unlike longer videos that often suffer from high abandonment rates. This results in increased engagement with your brand and message. They’re also easier to caption, giving you another way to reach your audience with your messaging.

Going Viral

Authenticity may be a buzzword in modern marketing, but it’s worth noting. Brands can showcase their personality, values, and culture in a relatable and genuine manner, forging an honest connection with their audience. This authenticity can also increase your potential to go viral.

The idea of virality being purely organic is a misconception. A well-defined plan can be the spark that ignites explosive growth. Paying attention to what’s popular in short-form videos is the key to success (such as noting popular sounds and searchable tags). Realizing what the algorithm likes (for example, on Instagram, it often prioritizes content with a human face) and boosting your content can go a long way to expanding your audience. A well-crafted Reel or TikTok video can quickly gain traction, reaching a massive audience in a short amount of time.

Endless Possibilities for Your Short-Form Strategy

Producing short-form videos is generally more cost-effective than longer, high-production videos. With the right content and creativity, even small businesses can create engaging short videos that rival those of larger competitors. From product demos and customer testimonials to Q & A Sessions and satisfying ASMR videos, the possibilities are endless.

Short-form videos have become the new norm for every social media platform, and are a vital tool for marketers. If you have valuable information to share, you can succeed in growing an audience through short-form content. If you create long-form videos, you’ll find success in uploading highlights of your best clips in short form. Less is more. Make your videos impactful.