Instagram has always been known for its constantly changing algorithm (which they call “Ranking”), and 2023 is no different. Here’s an updated version of our 2022 guide, so you know what to expect from Instagram this year.

The CEO of Instagram addressed concerns about the platform’s overfocus on videos and reassured users that there will be a more equal focus between photos and videos in 2023. The algorithm will prioritize showing users new content from creators they haven’t seen before and will favor content that receives comments. Additionally, original content will rank higher than reposted or reshared content.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently addressed concerns from photographers about the platform’s focus on videos and Reels last year. Mosseri acknowledged that the platform had been over-focused on video and that ranking algorithms had been pushing videos at the expense of traditional photo posts. However, Instagram has since worked behind the scenes to restore a more even balance between photos and videos, and internal metrics show that this is true. While Instagram is leaning into video, they expressed that they still value photos and both types of content will be important moving forward. This message has been well received, especially by avid photographers on the platform, who have noticed their image posts gaining less traction.

A more equal focus on photos and videos

In 2022, Instagram creators voiced their dissatisfaction with the algorithm that seemed to favor videos over still images.

  • This prompted a petition that garnered over 300,000 signatures to argue that the algorithm should be more photo-focused.
  • In early 2023, Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, addressed this issue and assured creators that Instagram has been working to make the algorithm treat videos and photos more equally.
    • Analytics have indicated that the changes are making a difference, so photographers should not give up on Instagram yet.

Emphasis on showing users something new

One of Mosseri’s top priorities for Instagram in 2023 is to “help people discover things that they love.”

  • This means that updates to Instagram’s algorithm will prioritize showing users new content from creators that they haven’t necessarily seen before.
    • So, content isn’t just being pushed to followers; Instagram wants to show posts to a fresh audience.
  • This has been a common theme in social media lately, where new content creators seem to be more apt to gaining traction online.

Promotion of content that inspires conversations

Mosseri acknowledged that the Instagram’s new algorithm will favor content that inspires conversations (read: has comments).

  • So now, Instagram doesn’t just care about the number of views a post has— it will also favor content that is gaining comments, so it can expected that comments will be very important for a post’s success this year.
  • Instagram wants to spark conversation & interaction, instead of being a “lean-back experience” that other platforms have become.

Original content will rank higher than reposted or reshared content

Mosseri has announced that original content will now rank higher in Instagram’s algorithm.

  • Instagram wants to value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content.
    • So, if you create something from scratch, you should see more reach compared to resharing someone else’s content.