Project Description

The Challenge

Slovenian Savings & Loan is a community bank serving the Johnstown region. Its slogan, “big enough to serve you, small enough to care,” sums up its competitive advantage neatly. The bank has monitors in each of its branches that are to be used for customer communication, but had historically been underutilized. Slovenian came to us to develop a strategy for using these, as well as help with other video initiatives.

  • Video production

  • Animation and custom graphics

  • Voice-over and video editing

What makes this project special

Innovative Tomato produced a series of 15-second videos without sound that communicate important information to bank customers — such as upcoming holiday closures and promotions of Slovenian services. They run on a loop, pausing on an end screen, which means the tellers see them all day — so we are careful to produce them without sound or anything that might be irritating visually (such as flashing screens). These same videos are used on the front of Slovenian’s website, and in social media.

In addition, Innovative Tomato produces 2-5 minute informational videos that provide complete introductions to bank services such as online bill payment. For these, we edit generic marketing videos produced by the national firm that enables these services at the bank. Using this footage and overall message, we customize the videos using Slovenian branding, including new voice-overs. These videos are used to promote these services on Slovenian’s website.

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