Project Description

The Challenge

CamTran, Johnstown’s local public transportation authority, obtained grant funding for a series of dynamic TV spots encouraging people to use Find My Ride, a new website designed to help people find the best public transportation route to get to where they want to go. We responded with spots showing three common scenarios: a young man needing a ride to college, a senior citizen going to a medical appointment, and a middle-aged woman catching a ride to her sister’s. They were designed to show that lack of a car doesn’t have to mean you can’t get where you’re going.

  • Video

  • Original graphics

  • Production and editing

What’s special about this project

CamTran’s grant parameters dictated that the spots were going to be used by public transportation authorities across the Commonwealth, so they had to be generic enough to work in many different locations — but also specific enough to be believable and compelling. The resulting spots were plausible, friendly, and demonstrated how Find My Ride can make using public transportation more convenient. We also had a very fast turnaround on these spots — from concept to completion, this project took us about a week.

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