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In our article, “Does Your Business Really Need a Website?” we addressed companies that have neglected online technologies and have now reached the point where getting an online presence is essential. But what about the companies that have invested in websites for years? Is there anything that can be done to improve the results from their web-based initiatives?

If you’ve had your company website up and running for some time, but have paid it only minimal attention, you likely are not utilizing the full potential of this powerful communication tool. In recent years we have seen a revolution in online technology, from the way websites are coded to the delivery methods and types of content. Taking a closer look at your website could uncover ways for you to leverage online promotion while lowering related overhead.

The first step in the analysis of your website is to review the layout and design. Does your site appear dated? There will always be design trends and employing trendy elements is perfectly acceptable. After all, trends come into existence because they convey a particular message. The blocky type and futuristic styling of the early 2000s were used to highlight a company’s focus on advanced technology and cutting-edge staff. These days, however, that look is likely to be seen as dusty and largely ignored. A fresh look is a visual statement to your customers that your company is exciting and keeping with the times.

Advancing technology also affects the presentation of a website. Monitor resolutions continue to trend upward, and each passing milestone leaves websites optimized for the previous acceptable size a little less practical. Adapting to the current minimum standards gives you greater room for presenting your information to an interested audience.

The growing permeation of broadband Internet access throughout communities world-wide has led to greater acceptance of alternate content. Not limited to just text and images, today’s websites feature streaming video, podcasts, and downloads of all varieties. Granting your customers access to the content they desire in a means convenient to their specific situation can be the element that separates you from your competition.

Technological advances go beyond the presentation of content. A website built to today’s standards has a smaller file size (lowering download times and hosting costs), is easier to maintain (lowering daily maintenance costs), and is much easier for search engines to index (resulting in better search engine rankings). These are factors that influence your company’s bottom line and should not be ignored. An investment in revitalizing your website is one that can result in immediate economic returns.